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Super Action Stuff

Super Action Stuff - FIREPOWER (Ver 2 Yellow Muzzle Flashes)

Super Action Stuff - FIREPOWER (Ver 2 Yellow Muzzle Flashes)

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The Super Action Stuff FIREPOWER set is a set of action effects and accessories designed to be compatible with action figures in the 1:10 (7 inch) and 1:12 (5 to 6 inch) scales. This set has plenty of accessories such as muzzle flares, bullets and bursts to enhance your guns as well as visual effects to show off various action effects and super powers. Highly recommended to use some sticky tack or sticky wax to get accessories to stick however you like. 

Made in scale for standard sized action figures and weapons 5 to 7 inch scale (1:10 and 1:12 scale).

Effects will not always stick to figures or accessories on their own. Sticky tack or wax is highly recommended. A small sample of magician's wax will be included with all shipments.

Package Contents: 

- Six different sized Firearm muzzle burst (two for small arms, two for larger arms and two with pegs compatible with standard action figure peg holes, such as those used with Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series and GI Joe Classified) 
- Two (x2) bullet trail effects, one long and one short
- Electric/Lightning Effect 
- Smoke Bomb effect
- Small exit wound blood effect
- One (x1) red swipe effect
- One(x1) red impact punch effect
- One small and one larger yellow laser beam on articulated impact base.
- One Rocket with removable exhaust trail.  

Product is for the accessories only. Figures, displays, and action figure stands are only to show product in use and are not included in the set.

For adult collectors only.  Small pieces are choking hazards and may have pointed parts, keep out of reach from children. 
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